Umpqua U106 (50 pack)

Size: #06
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Umpqua U106 (50 pack)

This unique 20-degree bent shank hook was designed to accommodate weighting on the front, bent portion of the shank and force a variety of larger patterns to ride hook point up regardless of the style of weight that is used. Great for crayfish flies, stoneflies, hellgrammites, and streamers, the U106 boasts 1X strong wire, a 4X long shank with a round bend, and a down eye.  This hook is part of Umpqua’s U-series of hooks, offering the serious fly tyer a value-based hook alternative to the current offerings on the market. U-series hooks feature high grade carbon steel, micro barbs for easy penetration and de-barbing, along with a logical numbering system for hook use identification. Sold in packs of 50.

-        Nymphs & Streamers

-        20-Degree Bent shank

-        4X Long

-        1X Strong

-        Round Bend

-        Down Eye

-        Bronze


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