Turtlebox Gen 2 Portable Speaker

Size: One Size
Color: Orange
Sale price$399.00




  • Premium Sound
  • 100% waterproof
  • 120 decibels
  • 20+ hours of playtime


  • THE HANDLE: Rubber overmolded super-tough nylon, our new handle is completely bomb proof. It's also very comfortable. This handle is much wider and easier to get a good grip on.
  • THE GRILL: The new brick-pattern, replacing the horizontal bars, increases strength and also allows for a greater release of audio transmission from the speaker.

  • CONTROL PANEL: We moved the control panel from the left side of the box to front-and-center. This allows for a much greater user experience when reaching for controls.

  • STAINLESS TIE-DOWN: Our new stainless tie-down replaces the former plastic feature. This increases strength 10x, allowing you to securely strap down your box to any UTV or boat.


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