Fall Streamer Collection

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Our Fall Streamer Collection consists of our our best flies for the season! Including flies that have put lots of fish in our boats over the years. All you need is a 6-7 wt rod and a sinking leader or sink tip line and you're ready to streamer fish any trout river on earth. All the flies come in a great Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop 7 compartment fly box. 


1 - White Drunk and Disorderly

1 - Yellow Drunk and Disorderly

2 - Yellow Mini Dungeons

2 - Orange Mini Dungeons

2 - Black and Purple Mini Dungeons

2 - Black Heisenberg's

2 - JJ Sparkle Minnows

2 - Sculpin Sparkle Minnows

$100 retail! Only $85


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