Winston Air 2

Rod Size: 8'6" 3wt.
Sale price$1,195.00


Winston AIR 2 Fly Rod

These rods can do anything – present tiny dry flies to wary trout on flat water, cast a heavy streamer to the far bank in the wind, launch the entire line when you need it, and make quick, accurate close-range shots. From high stick nymphing, pounding the banks from the boat, or wet wading, the new AIR 2 is a pack rod, a travel rod, a beautiful rod, and an all-around rod. It’s the new Winston. When you can only bring one rod…the amazing Boron AIR 2. You won’t want to leave home without it. 


  • EVOLVED TAPER DESIGN provides a faster, progressive all-around action. Extremely light, yet powerful.

  • NEXT GENERATION S-2000 HIGH MODULUS GRAPHITE material for faster recovery speed and smoothness.

  • ADVANCED BORON/GRAPHITE CONFIGURATION for enhanced power and energy transfer.

  • WINSTON-DESIGNED CIGAR GRIP for better “feel” through the casting stroke.

  • CUSTOM HSR (HIGH STRAIN RATE) RESIN yields an even faster recovery rate that adds a modern feel, is more durable, and provides greater part strength and less weight.

  • SMALLER PROFILE LIGHT WIRE SHOOTING SNAKE GUIDES feature new ECO slick coating and a Round Helix geometry that reduces line friction and produces added energy, accuracy, and distance management.

  • MADE IN USA: Designed, tested, and handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA. Built for freshwater fisheries all over the world.


863-4 3 8' 6" 4 $1,195
903-4 3 9' 0" 4 $1,195
864-4 4 8'6" 4 $1,195
904-4 4 9' 0" 4 $1,195
964-4 4 9'6" 4 $1,195
905-4 5 9' 0" 4 $1,195
965-4 5 9' 6" 4 $1,195
906-4 6 9'0" 4 $1,195
966-6 6 9'6" 4 $1,195




8'6" 3WT AIR 2: Ideal dry fly and light nymph rods for small streams that require accurate, delicate presentations.

9' 3WT AIR 2: Dry fly and light nymph set up. Our go-to for flat water and small mayflies or midges.

8'6" 4WT AIR 2: Delicate yet powerful, these 4 weights are perfect for small stream fishing and big water dry fly presentations to educated trout.

9' 4WT AIR 2: Our go-to single dry or tandem dry fly set up. From light hopper rigs and stoneflies to mayfly fishing.

9'6" 4WT AIR 2: We like to call this one the "Montana Spring Creek Special". Extra length for clearing the high grass in your backcast, but delicate enough to present a PMD to wary brown trout in crystal clear water.

9' 5WT AIR 2: Unmatched versatility across any freshwater applications. Dry fly, nymph, streamer, or indicator – these 5 weights do it all.

9'6" 5WT AIR 2: Great for having extra reach while fishing out of a boat or with high grass in your backcast. Does everything well — dry flies, nymph rigs, and light streamers.

9' 6WT AIR 2: The only rod you need for most western trout fisheries. Perfect for windy day hoppers, cloudy day streamers, nymph droppers, and bigger water across the globe.

9'6" 6WT AIR 2: Bigger water, long hopper-dropper rigs, heavier nymph rigs, and streamers from the boat. 


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