Winston Air 2 Max

Size: 6wt 8'6"
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Winston AIR 2 Max Fly Rod

MAX Accuracy. MAX Power. MAX Line Speed. MAX Performance.

Utilizing award-winning materials in conjunction with our fastest and most powerful graphite tapers to date, the new Winston AIR 2 Max series optimizes performance in saltwater, warmwater, and large freshwater fishing applications across the globe. Each model has been meticulously tuned for accuracy, lifting strength, and line speed, boasting the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any rod we’ve ever made. The AIR 2 Max series are powerful without effecting castability or lightness in-hand. Our proprietary AIR 2 and Boron materials create unprecedented feel, power, tracking, recovery, and lightweight performance – truly redefining fast-action performance for any saltwater and big-game application worldwide.

THE AIR 2 MAX. Been there. Caught that.


  • EVOLVED TAPER DESIGN provides a faster, progressive extra-fast action. Extremely strong, light, and provides plenty of lifting power.

  • REVOLUTIONARY HIGH MODULUS GRAPHITE material showcasing Winston's highest strength-to-weight ratio and fastest recovery action yet.

  • ADVANCED BORON/GRAPHITE CONFIGURATION for unprecedented lifting strength, exact tracking, crisp recovery, and lightweight performance — perfect for any big-game or saltwater application world-wide.

  • MODIFIED 7-8" WELLS GRIPS using premium flor grade cork for ultimate feel and grip comfort.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT ANODIZED ALUMINUM REEL SEAT that's engraved with a Winston script logo, double uplocking aluminum rings.  1 ½” Fighting Butt on 6-10wts, 2 ½” Fighting Butt on 11-12wts.
  • CUSTOM HSR (HIGH STRAIN RATE) RESIN yields an even faster recovery rate that adds a modern feel, is more durable, and provides greater part strength and less weight.

  • UPDATED RECOIL GUIDES with high flexibility and ceramic stripping guided insert. Snake guides feature a hard titanium finish and high flexibility. 

  • UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE provides warranty coverage for new Winston boron/graphite and graphite fly rods against breakage or manufacturer defects. Only covers the original owner and rods must be purchased from an authorized dealer.
  • MADE IN USA: Designed and handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA. Tested on saltwater fisheries around the globe.


866-4 6 8' 6" 4 $1,245
906-4 6 9' 0" 4 $1,245
867-4 7 8'6" 4 $1,245
907-4 7 9' 0" 4 $1,245
868-4 8 8'6" 4 $1,245
908-4 8 9' 0" 4 $1,245
869-4 9 8'6" 4 $1,245
909-4 9 9'0" 4 $1,245
9010-4 10 9'0" 4 $1,245
9011-4 11 9'0" 4 $1,245
9012-4 12 9'0" 4 $1,245



8'6" 6WT AIR 2 Max: Light bonefish set up or streamer set up for fishing with floating or sinking lines. Makes for a powerful hopper-dropper tool when it's windy.

9' 6WT AIR 2 Max: A powerful freshwater rod or lightweight saltwater. Perfect for streamer fishing, sinking lines, bass, carp, bonefish, large trout, and more. If you want one rod that does almost everything available to 90% of anglers, this is the tool for you.

8'6" 7WT AIR 2 Max: Makes for a hell of a rod for mangrove-style fishing, bass, and/or a go-to streamer stick. Think Snook, baby/juvenile Tarpon, Smallmouth, etc.

9' 7WT AIR 2 Max: The perfect rod for bonefishing whether you're in the Florida Keys, Mexico, Christmas Island, Cuba, or wherever the flats are. It has plenty of power to punch through the wind, but delicate enough to present a mantis shrimp imitation at 60-70 feet with ease.

8'6" 8WT AIR 2 Max: Pair is with a short-head fly line and you have a heck of a Redfish rod for marsh missions. We'd take this rod for any fishery where you have to be precise up to about 60 feet.

9' 8WT AIR 2 Max: An incredibly easy casting rod that covers a wide spectrum of large freshwater and saltwater fisheries. If you were to have one rod that does everything, this would be it.

8'6" 9WT AIR 2 Max: Perfect for targeting large bull Redfish in the marshes of the Mississippi Delta or backwater juvenile Tarpon. Like the 8'6" 8WT, this rod is ridiculously accurate sub 60 feet.

9' 9WT AIR 2 Max: Calling all Permit anglers! This is the rod for you. Precision accuracy, delicate presentations, and lifting power to stop a runaway freight train. This THE rod for most saltwater applications whether on the shores of New England targeting Striped Bass or on the flats of Ascension Bay trying for Permit.

9' 10WT AIR 2 Max: We reach for this rod when targeting toothy critters like Pike and Musky where you need to turn mega-sized flies or large topwater bugs. For the adventurous world-traveling angler, we'd take this rod to the jungles of Bolivia, Argentina, and/or Brazil for Peacock Bass, Dorado, and anything else you'd encounter. 

9' 11WT AIR 2 Max: We'll call this one the "sweet spot" for big game fishing. This is the perfect rod for wary migratory Tarpon if you like a stick that can present a fly at distance with accuracy. With exceptional lifting power and graphite strength, we're reaching for this stick as our first batter on the bow of a skiff during Tarpon season.

9' 12WT AIR 2 Max: The big stick. This rod is best used for targeting the largest of saltwater species like migratory Tarpon, Giant Trevally, Sailfish, and more. 



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