Rio Saltwater Fluoroflex Tippet

Tippet Size: 20lb.
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Rio Saltwater Fluoroflex Tippet

RIO's Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet is medium stiff and made from 100% fluorocarbon material. A tough saltwater tippet, the Fluoroflex is abrasion resistant, super strong, and easy to knot. Great for casting the largest of flies and in tough winds, this tippet is perfect for all saltwater species, especially wary bones, snook, permit & tarpon.

All sizes come in 30yd spools.Medium stiff, 100% fluorocarbon. Ideal for saltwater species and throwing large flies.

Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet - All Models

Line Size Test Diameter SKU
100lb 100lb (50kg) .032in (.824mm) 6-22212
10lb 10lb (5kg) .010in (.254mm) 6-22201
12lb 12lb (6kg) .011in (.279mm) 6-22202
16lb 16lb (8kg) .013in (.330mm) 6-22203
20lb 20lb (10kg) .015in (.381mm) 6-22204
25lb 25lb (12kg) .017in (.432mm) 6-22205
30lb 30lb (15kg) .019in (.483mm) 6-22206
35lb 35lb (18kg) .021in (.533mm) 6-22207
40lb 40lb (20kg) .023in (.635mm) 6-22208
50lb 50lb (25kg) .025in (.584mm) 6-22209
60lb 60lb (30kg) .027in (.686mm) 6-22210
80lb 80lb (40kg) .030in (.762mm) 6-22211
8lb 8lb (4kg) .009in (.229mm) 6-22200


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