Nautilus CCFX2

Color: Black
Retrieve: Left
Reel Size: #6/8
Sale price$545.00


Nautilus CCFX2 Fly Reel

Renowned for their high quality performance drag systems and precision machined components, Nautilus fly reels has created a fly fishing reel like none other. Featuring the award-winning dual action CCF-X2 drag system, the Nautilus CCFX2 fly reel provides 20lbs+ of torque strength with exceptional smoothness for easy start up inertia, key for playing the baddest of fish that swim. 


  • Exceptional Stopping Power: Utilizing groundbreaking Activseal technology, the CCFX2 has more stopping power and smoothness than any model preceding it. Features  hybrid ceramic bearings, TPX bushings, and a precision machined frame.
  • Fast Drag Adjustment: Featuring an oversized drag knob that allows anglers to adjust the smoothest drag from zero to max in 6 full turns with our Infinajust system.
  • Wicked Fast Retrieval: Extra large arbors used in the CCFX2 series allow for the fastest possible line retrieval necessary when your fish of a lifetime is running back at you.
  • The King of the Sea: The Silver King model of the CCF-X2 line is the world’s lightest 5-inch diameter true big game reel on the market. This dominator of all things silver picks up a staggering 14-inches of line per turn of the handle and will reel in your prize like none other.

Made in the USA from the finest materials available. Tested and designed on the flats, built for your next saltwater adventure.


Model Line Capacity Weight
No. 6/8 WF-8 +175 yds #20 7.6 0z.
No. 8/10 WF-10 +200 yds #30 8.6 0z.
No. 10/12 WF-12 +250 yds #30 8.9 0z.
Silver King WF-12+ +250 yds #30 9.1 0z.



Another first for the fly fishing world: Speyrings. With the use of thin monofilament running lines (0.025 diameter and less), full frame reels prevent the lines from slipping out of the frame. Our foresight in 2008 led to our Spey-specific spools for the NV line of reels, designed to prevent thin lines from slipping out and to lower the cost without adding much weight. Instead of purchasing a reel, all you needed was a Spey spool for your 8, 10, 12 or Silver King.

The Speyrings are four little rings that snap on the frame in key spots of the reel in mere seconds and close the frame/spool gap to 0.003-inch to barely let light through. Now we solved it all: running lines don’t slip out, and it costs nothing more while performing flawlessly. And you don’t have to purchase an entirely separate setup for your Spey or salt trip.



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