Euro Nymphing Starter Kit

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Euro Nymphing Starter Kit

This Euro Nymphing Starter Kit will get you out on the water ready to tight line nymph. This has everything you need and you don't have to buy a new rod/reel set up to do so. Use the rod/reel and line that you already have. Includes a 20′ floating Euro Nymph Tip (0.025″ dia), an Absolute Euro Nymph leader, and foam storage spool. Plus you get a Grizzly Hackle fly box and 24 flies that will work on any river that holds trout no matter where in the world! But this kit and save!


4 - Jig Pat's Rubberlegs

4 - Jig Pheasant Tails

4 - Jig Lightning Bugs

4 - Perdigons

8 - Spanish Bullets

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